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Welcome To KajunJacks

Located in Thibodaux, La.

Hi, first i would like to tell you a little about Kajun Jacks. We are Annie & Lance Boudreaux. We are located about 45 minutes south of New Orleans, Louisiana. We have the help of a lot of amazing breeders & friends to guide us to our lifelong dream of our dog breeding business. We are a EJRTCA registered Jack Russell Terrier breeder. We take pride in our breeding program. We focus on genetics , bones

structure, and of course the 
sweetest temperament

that jacks are so famous for! We have spent a lot of time & money on buying the two perfect sound, smart, loving, and fun sire and dam to get our bussiness started back in 2016. We have had many vet appointments waiting for the perfect time to breed our female. We are very proud of our two jack Russells. We cannot wait to spread this fun, loving, and intelligent breed with people from around the world. The puppies are whelped inside of our home & raised inside the house with my family. We have a 7 year old daughter who will spoil these puppies rotten! So i can promise you they will come to you ready to give kisses, cuddles , and play with toys. If you have any questions are want to chat about this lovely breed feel to email, text, or facebook message us. We are always opened.

Pricing & Shipping


NO BREEDING RIGHTS- 1500 will come with a mandatory Neuter/Spay Contract.


We require a NONREFUNDABLE deposit of $300 which will hold the puppy of your choice.


We will then put your family name & location under the puppy you choose. I will be giving updates often once you purchase a pup. I will personally be willing to meet you somewhere are your more then welcome to come to Kajun Jacks in Thibodaux, La. Puppies cant leave our home until 8 weeks of age, if picking up or meeting within reasonable distance.

All of our puppies will come with the following.

EJRTCA Registration Papers

Tails docked by the veterinarian

Dew Claws removed by the veterinarian

If you want your puppy micro-chipped please inform me & we will be happy to get that done for you before they arrive at your house.

Veterinarian exam

2 sets of shots

5 n 1 at 6 weeks 

Booster at 8 weeks 

Worming starting at 3 weeks old 

Flea Treatment (if age appropriate)

Heart worm Preventative (if age appropriate)

We do also offer shipping with airline of your choice for a additional 350.00. If you are planning on shipping the puppy please contact me so i can check with airports due to covid 19. Puppies cant leave our home till 8-12 weeks old (depending on airline rules) if flying. If you decide to fly your puppy we will require FULL payment at 6 weeks so we can get everything scheduled & booked.

If you choose to ship this is what will be included.

A new Airline certified crate.

A new blanket to keep them comfy and cozy.

Puppy food & water bowl inside crate.

A new toy to keep the puppy company.

Chew Bone to keep them busy.

Louisiana health certificate. 
Current Worming & shot records
EJRTCA paperwork if i cant attach to crate i will send them directly to you in the mail.

You must sign a contract whenever you pick up puppy. If you want to see the contract first to message me! 

Health Guarantee Policy 

*Health Guarantee

Does not include normal routine puppy preventative care: such as vaccinations, worming, fleas, poisoning, accidents, neglect, malnutrition, abuse, skin disorders due to stress, environmental tolerances or lack of preventative care from fleas or maintaining healthy hygiene. Conformation, ear set, coat at maturity, or bites are 

    impossible to predict when puppies are purchased at 6-8 weeks of age. Standing ears, body and leg freckles are
    cosmetic. Legs slightly less than straight remain common in this breed and will not qualify for return* or replacement.

    Please Note:
    I furthermore make NO assumptions or guarantees regarding puppies requested to be placed with full
    registration, with or without purchaser’s intent to use pup for breeding purposes. Puppies are vet certified at time of placement. Any/all imperfections are noted on the vet certificate (health certificate) including results of current exam for under/over bites, inguinal/umbilical hernias, luxating patellas, and testicles descended on males.
    There is no way to guarantee that puppies purchased will continue to mature as anticipated, as there are many factors that can alter a puppies development. Therefore, we do not guarantee breeding quality or ability to breed when purchased at such a young age. I do NOT refund price of any pup.  Puppies that are placed with breeder/buyer per-acknowledged imperfections, such as over/under bites are "SOLD AS IS" and will be stated in writing that both parties are aware of the imperfections.

    *NON MEDICAL RETURNS APPLIES TO:  families that no longer have the ability or desire to keep a puppy that is already in buyer's possession. Kajun Jacks puppies will always be welcomed back home or breeder will assist
    buyer in search for new home.

    *Health Guarantee does not include normal routine puppy preventative care: such as vaccinations, type of housing or care that could contribute to imperfections.

Our Dogs

South Louisiana

Russellville Kajun Jacks Beretta

She is a 2 year old EJRTCA Registered Jack Russell Terrier & stands at 10 inches with a smooth coat.

Her chest measures 16.5 in wide. She is a TRUE SHORT LEGGED JACK RUSSELL!

She really enjoys Fetch, water sports, diving under water, attacking the water hose, chasing  bubbles , cuddling, and stealing everyone's HEART!

Flatlands Kajun Jacks Bullet 

He is a 4 year old EJRTCA Registered Jack Russell Terrier & stands at 12 inches tall with a Smooth Coat.

His chest measures a massive 19 in wide! He is a TRUE SHORT LEGGED JACK RUSSELL!

He really enjoys water sports, fishing, and fetch. He loves playing with all the kids & goats. He is the first one to greet new people. He will lick you to death. He loves playing in the water & swimming. He also is highly intelligent he knows 17 tricks! He thinks he is a human and loves to take over our bed! 

Available Puppies

Sire- Kajunjacks Flatland Bullet 

Dam- Kajunjacks Russellville Beretta



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